Amazon Cloud Player

Amazon brings us the Cloud Player …

With it’s Cloud Drive storage service and the tightly linked Cloud Player, Amazon brought that capability back to a mass audience.

Amazon just moved the needle significantly on the music industry. Yes, the recording companies are whining already. I have no doubt that legal teams from all of the major record labels are in war-room mode right now. But their legal case is nonexistent. Here’s what they’ll find out if they try.

No sharing? No legal case.

Amazon’s new cloud services allow only personal, non-commercial use and don’t allow any sharing. You have to sign in with your personal Amazon account, where you can copy, store, and transfer your personal saved files. You can’t give anyone else access.

I’ve been a happy Amazon customer for more than 15 years. I’m excited about the new Sound Cloud and I like what I hear. Thank you Amazon, too bad Apple.