Chinese code words

Chinese Web portal, Sina, has switched from Google’s search technology to its own search engine after its contract with the U.S. giant came to an end, according to a report.

In a Wall Street Journal report Monday, Sina made the move this month due to the end of its contract with Google, according to the Chinese company’s marketing department vice general manager, Liu Qi.

Sina CEO Charles Chao last November also hinted that the company was considering other options to power its portal’s search.

According to the report, a Google representative did not confirm the switch but reiterated the U.S. company’s announcement last year that it would not be offering censored search results to its partners in China after the end of contractual agreements.

China is still censoring content for Internet users.  In fact, if you view restricted content or type certain key-words in your emails you will get a warning from authorities.  So like we see the spammers misspell words on purpose Chinese Internet users use code words or misspell on purpose to avoid government police.