Your Facebook Profile Image

It’s true … Your Facebook Profile Reflects Who You Are.

Whether you are looking for a job, applying to colleges, or building up your professional reputation, it is important for your Facebook profile to present a proper image of you. But keeping your Facebook image under control is not easy. What are your crazy friends saying on your wall?  Enter …

Reppler analyzes the content on your Facebook Wall to give you a feel for how others might perceive you. Reppler gives you unique insights into things like:
 •The tone of the language of the posts on your Wall. Is the tone positive, negative, or neutral? Is it consistent with how you would like others to perceive you?
•Recent trends on your Wall. What are some of the recent topics of your posts? Are these topics ones you would like others to associate with you?
•The sources of the posts on your Wall. Are your posts coming from you, your friends, or an application you use? If a lot of them are from a game application, for example, do you want others to see that?
•When you use Facebook. What days of the week and times during the day do you use Facebook the most? If you work during the day and have a lot of Facebook activity during work hours, would this be a good reflection of how you work?
•The categories of the Facebook Pages you “like”. What type of Facebook Pages do you “like”? Are you comfortable with others seeing this?

Reppler also alerts you of any image, privacy and security risks you have. On the privacy front, it will highlight any publicly-available information about you that should be private, to prevent hackers from getting into your accounts. On the security side, it will flag any links it finds on your Facebook Wall that could be malicious.

It’s not perfect but having a service monitor your image may be a plus – visit for more detail.