Kindle to support lending

I love the Kindle, for reading books and the daily newspaper.  But I can’t lend a book to someone.  That is about to change …

Amazon  said it will close its library lending gap with other e-readers.

The company announced a new feature called Kindle Library Lending, which will launch later this year. Kindle users will be able to borrow Kindle books from 11,000 libraries.

Amazon’s lending program comes after Sony and  Barnes & Noble’s Nook. via a service called Overdrive. In fact, Amazon will also work with Overdrive, but add a few perks to its library program.

  • Library books will be able to be checked out and read on all Kindle apps.
  • If a book is purchased, its notes and bookmarks will be preserved.
  • Amazon’s Whispersync will enable margin notes and highlights on library books. These notes disappear when another person checks out a book. If you check the book out again your notes reappear.

via ZDNET Tech