New rules on marketing to kids

As long as I can remember, food products to kids have been marketed using cartoon characters and directed toward taste not health. 

If the  administration gets makes it law, food marketers can only advertise the healthiest products to children, possibly including teenagers who have long-been exempt from such restrictions.

The rules would start in 2016 and only allow foods that contain no trans fat and not more than one gram of saturated fat and 13 grams of added sugar per ‘eating occasion’ to be marketed to children.

The FTC said it “recognizes the proposal sets ambitious goals that, if adopted, would be challenging for industry to meet” and that “a significant percentage of the products currently marketed to children would not meet the proposed nutrition principles.”

Health advocates say the companies have not gone far enough. They would stricter standard including lower sugar and sodium limits.

Now if we can just get the food industry to include more helpful information on labels, like the origin of the food. Many of us want healthy choices and more food options need to be available so we can make good choices.