Big win or Big Brother?

iPhone App Gives Feedback On Your Driving

Driving feedback app

State Farm – an auto insurance company has released an app called Driver Feedback in the App Store that scores your driving. It even gives you tips on how you can drive better. Sounds good but I wonder …

State Farm has clarified that it does not collect the trip information and the data recorded by the app will not impact your insurance rates. Can we trust that they don’t collect this info?  If I were an insurance company, this data would be very valuable.

It makes use of your iPhone’s accelerometer to figure out if there has been any hard acceleration, deceleration or swerves during a trip, which according National Highway Traffic Safety Administration are three of the riskiest driving behaviors.

Driving Feedback includes the following features:

  • Record driving using your device’s accelerometer and GPS location
  • View all alerts in a list view or overlaid on a map
  • Compare two trips against each other
  • Send trip results via email and SMS
  • Support for multiple users

The idea behind the app is a good one but it will be interesting to see how many users will embrace this app. You can download Driving Feedback for free from the App Store using this iTunes link.