No Crying Zone

By Joan Tankersley

Creatives have a bad reputation. Yes, it is true. Have you ever heard the phrase, “He is just being a sensitive artist?” As if artist are the only sensitive people about their work being critiqued! In my experience in the land of work and commerce, everyone likes to be applauded and valued.

Here is the key difference in any creative based idea initiative; it always means you are leading with an unproven concept. How can you present a logo and guarantee that it will be a successful brand identity mark? That is impossible. Congrats to the workforce that collects and distributes data, theirs is a linear, black and white path. Creative design by nature is a premiere release night over and over every day. Will the people like what I have toiled and slaved to conceive for them? Will they nap during the movie or throw popcorn at the screen?

I have the privilege of editing other contributors writing and design as a Creative Director. It’s a great job, but one that I worked into over the years from being in a lot of chairs along the advertising and design hallway. Each correction or prompt I offer comes with the knowledge that the provider of the work has made my life better, well most of the time. I am simply adding a pinch of salt or an accent pillow to the sofa. Even though I create the directive, someone gave of their creative spirit and history to make the project work. I need them. They deserve my support.

So, for all you creatives out there today that had someone not like their design work, I say,” Thanks for sharing your ideas.” I offer the encouragement, “Take a walk around the block and listen to your favorite music track, buy a Chai Latte and biscotti, maybe try another color next time. You will get it right.” By the way, there is another job waiting on your desktop for your brilliant ideas. This is a no crying zone.