Pompidou in Paris

I recently experienced a Matisse exhibit at the Pompidou in Paris. The exhibit was a unique collection of Matisse’s works in which pairs of paintings depicted two different perspectives of a subject. Each painting in the duo depicted an entirely different representation and expression. It struck me how easily creatives like me can become satisfied too soon. Matisse took a step back and tried again, with a fresh passion and it shows. He was willing to accept that there is not just one pathway to excellence.

Matisse, paires et séries – du 7 mars au 18 juin… by centrepompidou

Even though most of life is now characterized by 140 characters, as creatives we need to use our whole vocabulary to communicate our best ideas. Sometimes less is not more. Push away and start again to approach your subject with a fresh perspective. If you typically lean into photography, try illustration. If you adore san serif, try calligraphy. Don’t stop until you get what works best. Discover and refine.

Today is a day for reinventing the wheel!