2012 Trend of SEO

People Make Rankings – today a lot of people are upset because link buying, swapping and baiting no longer work. The big search engines are looking to people for their rankings. This includes social media and tracking human activity to decide what is relevant. It sometimes includes people at the search engine to decide if the content, category and site belongs to a real site worthy of listing.  Google uses these items and as such their real-time searches are more relevant. The Google search
“intelligence” is affected by these search factors along with search results for people and locations.

Content is king – Google is tracking how many people access your site and search for its content. It’s not just about keywords or how many pages your site contains.  Ranking  all about content and human interaction. That’s why blogs are so big today. They are all about interaction. It’s not just Google either, even Bing added a social sidebar this year.

Mobile Search and Voice! – Mobile and tablets are overtaking desktops and laptops.  So expect location search and check-in’s to grow along with QR tags and voice search. An increasing number of mobile devices will have the improving
technology of voice search, just tap your phone and ask. Think about this Google and Youtube is already using technology to index the words in video online.  So in 2012 we need to think “social” when we optimize SEO!