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Are You Ready for a Web Makeover? (Part 1)

Launching a new website can be an exciting time. There’s the anticipation of new leads, new visitors, and new customers all driving the need to get the site online. But usually, once a new web site or new feature is done it tends to stay the same for a while. And if your site has stayed the same for the past few years, you have missed out on an exciting time in which the state of web development has leaped forward. There are phones and tablets, browsers with much more speed and capability, and new design techniques that can replace old pages with new experiences.

How to Know?

So, how do you know when your site is ready for a full or partial makeover?  Here are a few points that may help you identity if it’s time:

  • Difficulty reading or using your  web site on a phone or tablet
  • The design of your site just doesn’t hold up anymore
  • Customers cannot identity who you are or what you do
  • All or part of the site appears cluttered/disorganized
  • Web traffic or sales just aren’t what they used to be
  • Too … many … clicks to get to your desired destination

So, what are My Options?

Options can range from cleaning up text and navigation along with a few simple design updates to a full makeover. If you have an extremely large site, limited time and/or budget you may want to dedicate your time to overhauling just a portion of the site. Regardless of what direction you take the most important thing before starting is to have a clear set of design and experience goals before.

What are Design Goals?

Everybody wants a web site that looks great, but not every personal preference and design style is the same. And depending on your audience, there are some design styles that will work better than others regardless of personal preference. Two of the easiest things are to scout the competition and identity the web site you like most. When you identity competitors and personal sites your like, be ready to identity site strengths and weaknesses such as page layout, color scheme, navigation options, etc.  Communicating these preferences to your web team will speed the process of them identifying the right design choice for you.

What are Experience Goals?

Experience Goals are simply answers to the question “How should the visitor interact with the site?” Do you want your customers to have a custom site tailored to a smart phone?

These goals can be detailed or general.  For example, allowing the customer to initiate a product search from the home page is an experience goal along with “I just want the photo gallery all on one page”. Making these choices carefully will give your site a distinct flavor and allow you to stand out from the crowd and please your visitors. Your web team can help you identity the best
experience goals for your site.

Okay? Can you Give Me an Example of a Web
Make over.

Sure can do. Stay tuned to see Part 2 of this series next week for a complete before/after comparison of a web site makeover.

How Can We Help?

If you think you site needs a makeover we’ll be glad to talk with you about what could be done to improve all, or part, of your web site.  Please feel free to contact us via phone or email if you would like to know more.




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