Are You Ready for a Web Makeover? (Part 2)

In Part 1  of this article, we discussed how to know when all or part of your site is ready for a makeover.  In this second part, we will take a look at a recent update we completed for part of a customer’s web site. A Simple Case Study

Serenity Retreat is a prayer ministry based in Houston, Texas.  They provide both prayer  counseling and training for individuals in need.  After a conversation with the Serenity team about  their future direction, we concluded that a complete site makeover was

Web site Before Makeover



Serenity Retreat’s web site provided too many primary navigation choices, was heavily text dependent with sparse use of images and other media, and had a dated design in need of a refresh.  Our conversation with the Serenity team led to a web site design that had the following elements:

  • Graphic design elements that are effectively more gender neutral
  • Dramatically simplified and more logically structured navigation
  • Completely revamped home page using imagery to identify primary services
  • Video usage throughout the site to provide a more personal insight into the ministry

During the construction process we worked with the Serenity  team to tweak and simplify the site structure, revise and reuse portions of existing copy, and implement video elements in the right place for maximum impact.

Web site After  Makeover




How Can We Help?

If you think your site needs a makeover we’ll be glad to talk with you about what we can do to improve all or part of your web site.
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