FBI Attacks Trojan; Some May Lose Internet Access Monday


Action against a dangerous Trojan virus may cause Internet loss on Monday. And, getting servers back online may be more difficult than the preventative measures.

The FBI will shut down servers used by server operators leveraging the DNSChanger Trojan. When these servers are out of service, people with infected systems will lose access to the Internet, according to Dave Marcus, director of advanced researcher and threat intelligence at McAfee Labs.


“A DNSChanger Trojan literally changes the infected computer’s DNS settings,” said Marcus. “When a user opens up a browser and enters a web address, good DNS settings will take you to the proper website. But if you’ve got malicious DNS settings, a criminal can point you to any server they want. So this virus can be dangerous. On July 9th, the FBI is going to shut down all of these servers. That means if you open up your browser and you are infected with this virus, you won’t be able to get anywhere on the Internet because your computer can’t resolve correct internet addresses.” This will affect web pages, email and everything related to the internet. It’s likely that large and small systems could be affected.

You can use McAfee’s free online test, it will tell you if you are infected and what you need to do in order to resolve the problem. It’s a simple solution. This test ensures that your DNS settings route to the correct server.