Has Google penalized your site?

Beware of SEO people who try to get rankings by tricking the search engines. I guess it’s a bit like trick or treat. Which one would you prefer?

Google’s recent algorithm updates penalized links that had too many automatically created low quality backlinks. What is a backlink? Backlinks are also known as incoming links, inbound links, inlinks, and inward links. Backlinks are any link fromĀ  outside your web site.

Backlinks are usually submitted by an SEO person to link hubs, sites that share links, for the purpose of building search engine ranking. But SEO is not the only source – all websites sooner or later get backlinks from dubious websites (content scrapers, etc.). Some webmasters are also concerned that their competitors could harm their website by creating low quality backlinks to their site.

Google’s even offers a Backlinks can penalize you with Google to tell Google to ignore some links to your website. There are better uses of your time than to worry about this unless you have had a bad SEO service. If you didn’t spam Google in the past, there’s no need to use Google’s disavow links tool, even if some backlinks to your site seem to have a low quality. Better focus on good content that you can use to influence search engines and visitors.

Dwight Cook – SEO for Vividmix.com