Video as part of a marketing platform?…does it affect ROI?

The Adventures of Fork Girl Video still frame

“The Adventures of Fork Girl” Burnett Specialists Social Media Campaign

A strong video platform plays a crucial role in marketing strategy. You may think it’s a shot in the dark to use video as part of your marketing campaign.  Some might say it’s not like a billboard, where the salesman will tell you how many eyeballs will see your ad.

I don’t agree with this philosophy.  It’s actually very easy to test the effectiveness of a particular promotion within an interactive video, by having analytics embedded in a microsite landing page as well as the video itself.

See the effectiveness of the video by using Youtube as your catalyst.  Youtube provides its own analytics for free.  Breakdown will include views, minutes watched, demographics, interaction, (likes, subscriptions, favorites) traffic sources, and playback locations (by country.)
By using Google Analytics on your microsite landing page, you can quickly and easily understand which variation of a viewing experience resonates best with your customers as a whole, as well as within different segments.

By tying analytics to optimization, you can target and personalize your videos to deliver richer experiences to each consumer and channel, leading to increased conversions and improved ROI.  That’s the objective, right?

Oh, and by the way, just because there are so many eyeballs passing by your billboard, that doesn’t mean they actually see or understand your message.  That goes back to great marketing as well!  Here are some questions to ask yourself about your video messaging:

1.            What are you creating…

Is it sharable?  Funny, compelling?

Do you have a call to action?  Is that call to action meeting a felt need to your specific demographic?

2.            Where are you sending them?

Have you created a microsite with analytics? Does it have branded info?

3.            How are you tracking?

Are you using SEO on the videos as well as the site?

4.           Is there a value added, like an event they could attend to get more info where you could make direct contact?  Can you tie in other clients, like offering food in return for promotion, or a giveaway?

We are in the process of creating this for one of our clients who are following this pattern.  I will report back with the final outcome!

UPDATE:  Would you like to know all the very best places for amazing food and drinks at the best prices in Houston?  Sure you would!  Look at the campaign we created for Burnett Staffing.  Creating  a humorous video with a link to a “free download” which takes them to a microsite which is branded with their taglnes and promotion.  We researched and found the best cheap eats in Houston, so you might want to go here to get it!

Put in your info and the next page will have the funny videos and download  your very own Cheap Eats flyer to keep in your glovebox the next time cravings happen.

We had originally planned to follow up with a big Burnett scan event, but the client decided to try this first.

Hope this inspires you to do your own campaign.



This blog was created by Vividmix media director/producer, Karen Cook