Spammers Beware this Summer

Google is going to launch the next generation of what they call the Penguin algorithm within the next few weeks. This Penguin 2.0 update will go deeper than the first Penguin version and it will affect a lot more sites. The Penguin update targets websites that use spam tools to create backlinks. If you’re using tools that automatically create backlinks to your site, stop using them now. If any tool that you use contains the words “nuke”, “dominator” or “brute force” then it’s likely that your website will be affected by the next Penguin update.

google-updateGoogle does not like advertorials
Some websites use advertorials to get more backlinks. Matt Cutts said that non-nofollow links from these advertorials violate Google’s webmaster guidelines. If you purchase advertorials just to get backlinks, this might have a negative influence on your Google rankings.

Google will take a closer look at spammy searches
Some searches such as ‘pay day loans’ tend to attract more spam than other searches. Google’s search spam team will take a closer look at these queries.

Link networks are trouble
Google will make sure that some kinds of links become less attractive. This will probably affect link networks. Google has penalized several link networks in the past.
Google is going to analyze backlinks better
Matt Cutts also said that Google is in the early stages of a much more sophisticated link analysis software that will understand backlinks much better. That probably means that the influence of forum profile links might become even lower while the value of editorial links increases.
Authority websites will get a ranking boost
Google plans to give websites that are an authority in their category a ranking boost. For example, if your website is an authority in the medical space, Google plans to show your website above websites that are not as authoritative as your site. It will become more important to be an authority.
If you want to make sure that your website rankings are safe, avoid spammy SEO methods at all costs. You can get short-term results with black-hat SEO tools but your website will be penalized as soon as Googles detects the spam.

White-hat SEO requires more work than spam techniques but it leads to much better results that last. If you use safe SEO methods to promote your websites, you don’t have to worry about Google updates.