Is your website Responsive?


I am in favor of Web sites using Responsive web design – it makes viewing-compatible across ALL of the various platforms. This includes desktops, laptops, iPads, notepads, iPhones, and Android devices.

Before Responsive design, one had to build a separate website for every device platform. Now a website can be designed to reach all devices. So is your site Responsive? In the past it’s been difficult to tell. But now theres a place where you can test your site to see how it looks across most of the various platforms.

Go to: The test is free (no money, no email required). Enter your URL and then scroll down. You’ll see how your site appears on iPhone5, Retina iPad (portrait & landscape), and PC desktop/laptop. If your site looks right, then congrats! … but if it looks whacky then you have some work to do. A crucial part of ‘optimizing’ a local business site involves ensuring their site loads fast and displays properly on all devices. This means that about 90% of the sites out there need to convert to Responsive web design.