Charge Credit cards on your phone without a dongle for less

flintAre you a businessman who needs to take credit cards?  Perhaps you are a professional handyman, photographer, artist or traveling insurance salesman. Try Flint Mobile. Competitors like Square, PayPal or PayAnywhere are oriented toward businesses that might have a shop. In addition to using a smartphone, for instance, Square also promotes the idea of using an iPad tablet as a cash register on a countertop.

Flint big score is with helping small business stay brick-and-mortarless. Flint just scored $9.4 million to help grow their platform. Founded in the spring of 2011, the company offers an iOS or Android app that can accept credit cards without a card reader. Credit card numbers are scanned with the camera, and additional card verification info is entered manually.

The app can also generate and send branded invoices or create, issue, and redeem coupons. There’s an interface with QuickBooks Online, and a Merchant Portal maintains transaction history, as well.

Flint does not charge for the Sell Online feature and loyalty coupons, but credit card transactions have a fee of 2.95 percent, while debit cards’ are 1.95 percent.

I just signed up – it’s pretty cool.

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