It’s Time for a New Security Strategy – part 1

Ok, so every day in the news we hear of some website that was compromised. Retailers in the last year have been hacked in alarming numbers. But what are you doing differently today to protect yourself, company or customers?

I recommend you start with yourself. When was the last time you changed your password. How complicated is your password. Many websites require a complex password made up of different case letters, numbers and special characters. You can make passwords up randomly or generate one. Some people theorize that generated passwords are easier to crack. The verdict is out on that one.

overview_access_everywhereIn addition use a different password for each website, social media and online service. If one is cracked, the others are secure. For your financial and banking data – use unique complex passwords and change them frequently.

So, you agree the above is a great idea, but how do you remember all those passwords? How do you keep them secure? There are many password managers that will remember passwords for you. Make sure that your passwords are encrypted and protected with a master password. I use a password manager called Roboform. There are many others available to choose from. Roboform gives me unlimited access to credit card, passwords and more on all of my devices, android, apple, PC devices including my desktops, laptops, tablets, USP and mobile hardware. It syncs my data cross-platform and backs it up. It also doubles as a form filler, filling in passwords and forms and supports most major browsers. You only have to remember your master password.
No I’m not receiving a payment for this blog. Just a happy user of a great product.