The word is DRONE


Drone for shooting video

We know the military and Government has peeps running scared they are being spied on. Or worse being targeted by drones.

But drones are so common.  Just go to your local mall. Retailers like Brookstone, Radio Shack, Sharper Image and even kiosks carry the flying toys.  But are they toys?  We know that companies like Coke, Google and Hollywood have used them commercially. Now the competition is heating up.  Facebook is hiring avionics, thermal and systems engineers now as they prepare their drone effort to connect people to the Internet and of course Facebook.

I just want to have a drone to fly my video camera for commercial production. But wait, it’s illegal to fly these things near an airport or in a flight path. Right? The Federal Aviation Administration won a stunning ruling this week allowing it to regulate drone flights. The decision by the National Transportation Safety Board was a setback for those who had argued drones should be allowed to fly without all the regulations that apply to more typical manned aircraft.

The decision revolved around a $10,000 FAA fine against businessman who used a remotely operated 56-inch foam glider to take aerial video to make an advertisement.  Under FAA rules, any aircraft that flies more than 400 feet above the ground must be governed by its rules. Model planes that have been flown for years must stay below that 400 foot limit.

So should you drone or not drone?