Cutting the cable

Cutting the Cable?

Cutting the cable
Years ago I had Google TV, enabling me to watch movies and shows without cable. Unlike cable TV, which provides multiple channels to your TV set for a monthly fee, streaming allows you to receive shows on your TV, computer, or mobile device over the internet without cable. Yes, it saves money, but you still must have an internet connection. Because streaming requires the internet, you must still have internet service. So if do decide to cut the cable, be sure you at least have high speed internet. Below is a list of some new options for streaming.

The Latest USB streaming devices

The Roku stick is pretty cool but Google Chromecast is quickly catching up and getting better all the time. Chromecast works pretty seamlessly with your existing apps (at least those supporting it). They are both good platforms on USB sticks.  Whereas Apple TV or Amazon Fire are small boxes.

Not having streaming TV today seems silly, and you might soon be in the streaming minority.  If you’ve not yet snapped it up. A new report shows Chromecast as the number two streaming device in the country, behind only Roku’s legacy system. It’s even more popular than Apple TV.

With streaming TV you have services like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon TV and more. If you want broadcast TV you can add an antenna or even a DVR with a receiver. Soon streaming TV should be able to get HBO, Stars and other subscription networks.

In 2014 streaming video is directly competing with traditional cable like never before. So is cutting the cable in your future?