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App developers are watching you

App AnnieHow do app developers track their success?  That is where App Annie comes to the rescue.

They offer the newest Audience Intelligence product to helps app developers better understand their user’s demographics, preferences and, starting next year, feedback by user reviews. App Annie already offers Store Intelligence services to tracks trends across the app market as a whole. It’s free to get started with store stats, analytics and advertising information.

The company has released this interesting info:

In the U.S., two-thirds of iOS Travel apps were downloaded by men for the 12-month period ending September 2014. The data was more heavily skewed towards males when looking at transit apps like Lyft, Uber, Easy Taxi and others.

Two-fifths of the Travel app category’s downloads coming from those aged 35 and over. Weather apps were also downloaded frequently by older audiences, with half of the downloads coming from people aged 35 and over.

Meanwhile, sports apps, including ESPN, Yahoo Sports, and others, saw over 75% of downloads coming from men.

Downloads in the Photo & Video category, including Instagram, Snapchat and others, on the other hand, were driven by women.

That’s just a taste of the stats available.