Four ways to cut down on spam

Most of us get way too much spam. I am talking about unsolicited email. I do get a ton of this junk mail and I must delete hundreds of spam emails every day. Would you like to know more about how to control your spam?

Here are some facts:

  • You may have opted-in to receive some junk – read privacy statements to know if the site shares email addresses
  • You may have unsubscribed – if the sender was not legit, this action may have just verified your email address

Most websites want to quantify and qualify you as a lead.  All of that information that Google collects, the forms you filled out and surveys you take can make your email address a commodity to advertisers. In fact some sites are set up to just collect this kind of information.

It’s like junk, snail or physical paper mail.  Have you ever been to a store or the mall and filled out a contest registration form? Just do it once and watch the junk mail start rolling in.  One of my favorite stories involves a New England resident that was tired of the high price to heat his home every winter.  He invented a junk mail press that would take all that paper junk mail and press it into a fire log.  Then he signed up for every contest and registration form he could think of and never had to buy firewood again.

So be smart, think twice before giving out your email.  Only unsubscribe if you feel like the company is legit (a major brand) and the address matches the domain name of the company because it may be a trick to validate your email address.

Here is two more tricks to cut down on spam.  Set up a separate email account like a gmail account to use for your online purchases and never publish your primary email address on a website, blog or forum where spammers can data mine it.

Let me know if you have ideas to cut the junk as well.