Wireless Charging, a cup warmer of the future

Fads come and go. Just go to a garage sale and the “must have” of yesterday is selling for a penny or two. When wireless charging of cell phones was announced, I thought what a great idea. Then I imagined charging mats and furniture to charge cell phones in future garage sales. I already have an iPhone clock radio that will not charge the current Apple model. Perhaps you are like me and have chargers and devices designed for phones of the past that no longer serve a purpose today. Remember the USB cup warmer?

Samsung has just announced a built-in charging station in the base of their latest computer monitor. Great idea! Perhaps the monitor and phone will have the same life span?


Samsung’s newest monitor packs wireless charging for mobile phones and other Qi-compatible gadgets. Of course you need a wirelessly charging phone. Samsung’s not offered a date or country for release, but we expect it to appear by the end of the year.