About Us

Creatives marketing through media
A media studio specializing in Audio, Video, and Web

Vividmix is an integrated media company that focuses on developing solutions to maximize your customer reach through audio, video, and web. Our clients have the benefit of accessing all our services in-house and the assurance that Vividmix has a full 360° perspective of their brand – two features that make Vividmix truly unique.

Our Team Leads

Not Just Your Average Taco Truck

Great food has a way of collecting connoisseurs of cuisine from all sides of the interstate. Hand selected is more applicable than hand rolled to our Vividmix team. Our production experts come from various focused fields of creative enterprise. Each adds the perfect ingredient to satisfy your marketing appetite and personally prepare your custom creation to go. We specialize in global offerings, served sizzling and hot.

7110 Gary Street
Houston, TX 77055